13.174 1++ Ggot Galbi Set

Cycle 13 – Item 174

28 (Tue) June 2022

1++ Ggot Galbi Set


at Baekeok Hanu

-Yeoksam, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with EE

Baekeok Hanu is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in grilled hanwoo.

The restaurant is a converted house, located a few blocks east of the main drag.

For our second (and final) night out (see previously 13.172 Gamja Twigim (Frietjes)), the plan was to treat EE to an unforgettable meal of top-notch hanwoo.

Suspiciously, the prices are not listed on the menu at the entrance.

Unwilling to stray beyond walking distance of his hotel, unfamiliar with the Gangnam Station area, I did a Naver search and found Baekeok Hanu.  Reviews seemed generally positive, with photos to match.

Totally empty at 20:00.

Alas, the meal was disappointing.  First, despite what prior photos depicted, the meat was not grilled on live coals but on a stone griddle heated underneath with a gas stove – live coals are standard at any self-respecting beef restaurant, especially those serving hanwoo.  Next, though billed as top-grade 1++ rib fingers, the meat was not particularly tender or flavorful.   Finally, the side dishes were blah.  A total rip-off at 171,900 won, including drinks and other items.

Adding insult to injury, the griddle wasn’t hot enough to produce a proper sear.

In any case, EE seemed to enjoy the food, even if he wasn’t overwhelmed by it.

Unless you can read Korean, none of the signage indicates what is available here.

Afterwards, we ended up at a beer place, one of those self-service joints offering a wide range of global brands at reduced prices (see generally 3.251 Deep-Fried Smoked Chicken).

I forgot to ask him about Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Tremens Strong Blond Beer (see 13.011 Yam Wun Sen), as seen in the left fridge, middle row.

I learned 2 interesting points about Belgian beer culture.  First, Belgian always drink beer from a glass.  Second, Belgian beers are typically served in their own uniquely shaped proprietary glasses, which are supplied by the breweries.

EE seemed (mildly) impressed by the selection of Belgian beers, as well as the appropriate glassware.

I look forward to seeing EE and his family in Hanoi, someday soon.

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