13.184 Truffle Snowing Bread

Cycle 13 – Item 184

8 (Fri) July 2022

Truffle Snowing Bread


at Agra

(Lotte World Avenuel)

-Jamsil, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and IZ

On the way home from work, I dropped by Lotte World Mall to check out new releases at the Lego store, joined by W and IZ.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Agra, part of the same restaurant chain where I’d eaten lunch yesterday (see 13.183 Tandoori Chicken).

Snowing Bread is a type of salad, invented by Agra (or at least introduced to Korea by Agra).  As described on the menu: “Special of Indian salad on Naan with fresh vegetables and hoemade yogurt dipping sauce.”

Even IZ found it corny.

The Truffle Snowing Bread was okayish.  A base layer of thin naan, topped with raw spinach + king oyster mushrooms + black olives + onions, truffle-infused yogurt dressing on the side.  Tasted fine, but came across as distinctly un-Indian.  A bit of dry ice was placed under the sauce bowl to create a fog effect, i.e., “snow.”

The chain really likes using black olives, raw spinach, and chick peas.

We ordered the set, which came with Snowing Bread + Tandoori Chicken + choice of 3 curries + unlimited naan + unlimited basmati rice + unlimited beverage + dessert.

Curries all tasted similarly blah.

Consistent with yesterday’s experience, the food was reasonably tasty, but far from authentic and overly gimmicky in presentation.

Dessert, which W informed me was sweet and gross.

At 27,000 won per person, the set might be a decent value for someone who can eat a lot of naan and rice, and/or drink a lot of non-alcoholic beverages, but not worth the food itself.



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