13.285 Wild Rucola Pizza

Cycle 13 – Item 285

17 (Mon) June 2021

Wild Rucola Pizza


at Brunch & Osteria

-Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with MtG

After setting up this afternoon for the book fair that will be held at SFS over the next few days, I took advantage of being vaguely in the neighborhood (23 km away – less than half the distance from home) to pay a long overdue visit to MtG’s restaurant (see most recently 12.173 Pesce).

Bira Moretti

MtG invited behind the curtain to show me how the pizzas are made.

The entire process to make the base pie took less than 3 minutes, including 90 seconds in the oven – plus an additional couple minutes for the fresh toppings.

The Wild Rucola pizza was amazing.  The crust was perfectly cooked, delicately charred, delightfully chewy, infinitely tasty.  The mozzarella, imported from Napoli, was sublimely light and creamy.  The tomato sauce was perfectly seasoned.   The loads of wild rucola were pristinely fresh and peppery, enhanced by a drizzle of balsamic sauce.  The sun-fried tomatoes, made in-house with cherry tomatoes, were intensely flavored, bursting with a perfect balance of tanginess.   I’ve always been partial to pizzas topped with fresh vegetables (see for example 3.169 Pizza Insalata), or rolled with fresh vegetables (see for example 4.270 The Original – Verena), but this might be the one yet.  Amazing job (and I’m not just saying that because he’s my best friend and I would anyway).



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