14.069 Chicken Burrito

Cycle 14 – Item 069

15 (Wed) March 2023

Chicken Burrito


at Hacienda

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w HK

Hacienda is a Tex-Mex restaurant.

Looking back at photo of The Wolfhound from Cycle 6 (see 6.220 Buffalo Wings), which was housed in the same building, I was astounded to discover that Hacienda has been there the entire time, same signage, but I don’t remember the place.

Other than Hacienda, and McDonald’s, I am aware of only 3 restaurants in Itaewon that are still around from the old days when I was a regular in the neighborhood: Sultan Kebab (1.044 Lamb + Chicken Kebabs), Agra (2.337 Tandoori Shrimp), Braai Republic (3.311 South African Meat Platter).

Located in the back alley across from the Hamilton Hotel.

In advance of a planning meeting at YISS for the upcoming book fair, we left the office a bit early to grab lunch in Itaewon.

Wandering around the neighborhood, we decided on Hacienda.  At that moment, I was under the assumption that the restaurant was new.

The retro shabby-chic interior – too slick for a back-alley burrito joint – looks like it might’ve been recently redone.

Indeed, the burrito was entirely mediocre.  No beans or vegetables, certainly no cilantro, just dry chicken and unseasoned rice and too much cheese – totally amateur.  Seemed to confirm the restaurant to be yet another upstart “Mexican” joint run by people who’ve never eaten a real burrito (see for example 13.294 What the Motherfuck).

Another sign of inexperience – what kind of self-respecting Tex-Mex restaurant would serve Tabasco?!?!

Now that I know that the restaurant goes back at least 8 years, I’m finding it hard to believe that they’ve remained in business with such half-assed food, especially in Itaewon, where authenticity is critical.  Maybe new ownership, new kitchen.



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