14.146 Anseong Tang Myeon with Sundubu

Cycle 14 – Item 146

31 (Wed) May 2023

Anseong Tang Myeon with Sundubu


at Yongine

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Yongine (용이네) is a Korean restaurant.  2 locations, both in Seongsu, across the street from each other.  Specializes in ramyeon, gimbap, and other bunsik.

Located 68 meters from the office.

Intrigued by the lines at lunch time – such restaurants typically don’t have lines – I’d been looking forward to trying the place.  However, as a general principle, I don’t wait in line for any restaurant.  Today, I came out for lunch after 13:00 and found the place empty.

This is the second store, just opened this month.

Unlike other restaurants serving ramyeon, which is almost always Shin Ramyeon – in addition to customer demand (see generally 2.033 Roast Duck Noodle Soup), the brand offers significant wholesale discount to restaurants – this place offers 10 varieties: Shin, Shin (non-fried), Jin (spicy), Jin (mild), Yeol, Samyang, Anseong Tang, Chamgge, Teumsae, Neoguri.  Even better, orders can be customized with additional ingredients: cheese, kimchi, bean sprouts, rice cakes, mandu, ham & sausages, crab. 

All ramyeon options = 3,500 won; toppings = 1,000-1,500 won each.

I’m surprised that Anseong Tang Myeon has never been featured on GMTD, even though it’s one of my favorite brands.  In the past 14 years, I’ve eaten it countless times, just never at dinner.  Stay tuned.

The basic order comes with an egg.

The ramyeon was great.  Koreans often overcook noodles (in any dish), but they were cooked here to al dente.  While the package instructions for Anseong Tang Myeon (as with most ramyeon brands) call for 550 ml of water, the thicker appearance of the soup suggested less water was used (maybe 500 ml), thereby intensifying the flavors, as I prefer; also, a generous dash of ground black pepper, which I really enjoyed.  The egg was perfectly poached – a rarity.  The sundubu didn’t do much per se, but would’ve been great with a side of steamed rice.  Perhaps the best restaurant ramyeon that I’ve ever experienced.  Can’t wait to try other variations.

Egg Gimbap (3.0): no ham!


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