14.191 Chicken Shack

Cycle 14 – Item 191

22 (Thu) December 2016

Chicken Shack


at Shake Shack

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with IZ and DB

After watching a movie at CGV next door – Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part 1, which would’ve been fun if half as long – we had dinner at Shake Shack.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen: on my first and only visit to this restaurant soon after it had launched in 2016, the place was packed (see 7.352 ShackBurger), and now this, at peak dinner time on a Saturday – I predict that this space will soon be something else.

The Chicken Shack was okay.  (I don’t get the name of the item: in “Shake Shack,” the “Shack” means “place/restaurant,” as in “a place/restaurant that specializes in shakes,” so “Chicken Shack” would mean “a place/restaurant that specializes in chicken.”).  Generally not a huge fan of pickles, but the tanginess was a nice counterpoint to the richness of the deep-fried chicken patty.  But seriously, what the fuck was I doing eating a chicken burger at Shake Shack?!  If there’s ever a time to eat meat, this would be one of them.



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