14.208 Tongdak

Cycle 14 – Item 208

1 (Tue) August 2023



at JJ Beer

-Daechi, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W

JJ Beer is a Korean pub.

Located 541 m from Samseong Station, coincidentally/ironically across the alley from Fuji, where we’d taken my parents to dinner on Parents’ Day last May (see 14.123 Negitoro Maki).

I quit my job today.  Increasingly frequent and bitter spats with my mother at work – who’s technically my superior but really just a nagging parent – have been threatening to tear apart my filial relationship with her, which had always been strong.   I have never been so profoundly/painfully stressed due to my job, because the stress is so fundamentally personal this time.  It began on Day One, but started to accelerate/escalate over the past year.  In the wake of our prior altercation, perhaps a week ago, I’d sworn that the next one would be the last.  The next one came this morning.  I immediately went into the office of The Boss (my father) and resigned, effective immediately.  He told me to think it over.  I replied that this was the result of me already thinking it over for 6 months.  And that was that.

Now what do I do?

Golden Blue Double Shot Highball: 3+1 – I had 3+1+1.

Previously, W had scheduled an appointment with a financial advisor for this afternoon to assess our family asset portfolio.  Given what had just happened, I wasn’t in any condition to sit in on such a discussion, so I parked myself in a nearby pub and drank until she was done.

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