Over the course of 11 consecutive days (19 to 29 July 2014), through a combination of personal and professional travels, I was in 9 localities across 5 countries, eating and documenting at least 1 meal in each of them.  Just starting out at WHO, I was constantly on the move in those days and enjoying every blessed moment.

Karola Etxea
  1. Korea, Seoul, Yongsan, Itaewon (5.195 Haribut Fish & Chips)
  2. Germany, Frankfurt, Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (5.196 Frankfurter Würstchen mit Pommes)
  3. Spain, Basque Country, Biscay, Getxo (5.197 Pintxos)
  4. Spain, Basque Country, Biscay, Bilbao (5.198 Sopa de Pescados y Marisco)
  5. Spain, Basque Country, Biscay, Getxo (5.199 Bogavante)
  6. Spain, Basque Country, Àlava, Okondo (5.200 Bolletus Cream with Fried Egg)
  7. Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, Barcelona (5.201 La Vida Barca)
  8. Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, Barcelona (5.202 Sepia Plancha)
  9. Germany, Munich, Flughafen München (5.203 Vesper)
  10. China, Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport (5.204 Stir-Fried Spotted Garoupa with Vegetables)
  11. Philippines, Metro Manila, Manila, Ermita (5.205 Haemul Pa Jeon)


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