I’ve had visited Germany once, on an extended layover in Frankfurt, plus 3 short layovers limited to the airport.  I look forward to an extended exploration of the country and its cuisine someday.

    1. Frankfurt (2009) (layover ICN-GVA) [pre-GMTD]
    2. Frankfurt (2014) (layover MNL-BIO) + Munich (layover BCN-MNL)
    3. Munich (2015) (layover MNL-GVA)

“DEU” is the 3-letter abbreviation for Germany within the United Nations system.

These commercial eating establishments in DEU, as featured on GMTD, are arranged alphabetically.

Venues in other countries can be accessed via WORLD EATERY INDEX.

* recommended

** highly recommended


Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt Airport)

  1. Hausmann’s (5.196 Frankfurter Würstchen mit Pommes)


Flughafen München (Munich Airport)

  1. Lufthansa Lounge (6.307 Chicken in Cream Sauce)
  2. Selman’s (5.203 Vesper)

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