1.078 Hai/Hash Rice Set


24 (Wed) March 2010

Hai/Hash Rice Set


at Suninjae

-Woncheon (Ajou University School of Medicine), Yeongtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, Korea-


It’s rice topped in a brown sauce containing chunks of potato, carrot, and onions, very similar to a Japanese-style curry, darker in color yet lighter in taste with less spices, almost like a soft steak sauce.  The dish is referred to in speaking as “hai rice” (하이라이스), though packages of the instant sauce base sold in stores are labeled in English as “hash rice.” I suspect that it may originally be Japanese, partly because “hai” sounds Japanese, perhaps some derivation of “hash” (?), but mainly because the products are always found next to the Japanese-style curries. It’s one of those quick-fix items that Korean moms make for young kids or Korean cafeterias serve to the student masses.

Of the 5 side dishes in the set, 3 of them are forms of kimchi – ugh.

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