1.149 Dak Kal Guksu


3 (Thu) June 2010

Dak Kal Guksu (WHAT)


by me

at home

-Oksu (Joongang Heights Apts), Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family

Kal guksu (칼국수) is a Korean dish.  Consists of flour noodles and often sliced potatoes, sometimes zucchini in a broth of some sort, typically anchovies or clams or chicken (dak) (as here), all of which are equally popular. While “guksu = noodles (specifically in broth),” the “kal = knife” and refers to the traditional method of making the noodles by cutting the flattened/rolled dough into long/thin strips. Arguably the most common of all Korean noodle soup dishes.

The chicken variation finds its way onto our table for reasons of convenience.   It usually starts with baeksuk. The remaining liquid, strained of random bits and pieces, becomes a stock that can be used for juk or kal guksu, either immediately following the baeksuk or later as a stand-alone meal.

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