1.150 Haemul Jjigae

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4 (Fri) June 2010

Haemul Jjigae (WHAT)


by me

at Palhyeon Camp (WHERE)

-Namyangju, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with the Family, KJA’s family

Haemul jjigae is any Korean seafood (haemul) stew (jjigae).  Typically includes a mix of seafoods, such as fish, fish roe, fish innards, clams, shrimp, squid, plus onions, mushrooms, radish, tofu, in a spicy broth.


Shopping at E-Mart for this trip the night before, near closing time, the supermarket was offering read-to-cook packages for haemul jjigae at reduced prices.

I should’ve known better than to buy seafood on sale, and then to leave it out in the summer air for hours before getting around to cooking it.  Smelled a bit iffy, so we dumped it.

Fortunately, we had other things to eat, as we always do – camping in Korea is all about the gluttony in the outdoors.


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