1.186 Yusanseul


10 (Sat) July 2010



from Bogyeonggak

at uncle’s cabin

-Hoengseong, Gangwon, Korea-

with the Family

Yusanseul is a Chinese dish.  The name refers to a “light braise () (liu)” of “three () (san)” ingredients “thinly sliced () (sa).”  In Korea, the dish comprises a thinly sliced meat, typically pork; a thinly sliced seafood, typically sea cucumber and/or shrimp; and a thinly sliced vegetable, typically bamboo and/or mushroom – all stir-fried, usually in oyster sauce.  When done right, it’s silky and savory.  When done wrong, it can be slippery and stinky.  Extremely popular in the Korean-Chinese tradition.

A last-minute overnighter to my uncle’s cabin with no food prep forced us to scrounge provisions in the nearby town, which includes a small Chinese joint.  I’d bet that the place makes yusanseul maybe once a year at most, leaving the ingredients not very fresh, as I should’ve anticipated.


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