1.214 Bossam with Kimchi


7 (Sat) August 2010

Bossam with Kimchi


at Nolbu Bossam

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family, In-Laws

The type of kimchi usually/ideally served with bossam is similar to standard Napa cabbage kimchi but slightly sweeter and often includes raw oysters.  Not sure how the science works, but the fermentation process of the kimchi seems to preserve the oysters, even though they retain certain qualities of rawness, like sliminess.  The mineral/briny flavor of the oysters is imparted into the flavor profile of the kimch, even if one doesn’t eat the oysters themselves.

Unfortunately, the pork here was a bit porky, even if the kimchi was pretty good.

Just to make things confusing, bossam kimchi is an entirely different kind that consists of sliced cabbage and radish pickled/fermented in a lighter whiter salad-like style that’s wrapped in a whole cabbage leaf like a pouch and traditionally served in a porcelain pot.


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