1.216 Chamchi Hoe


9 (Mon) August 2010

Chamchi Hoe


at Uleungdo Chamchi

-Gwanghui, Jongro, Seoul, Korea-

with MtG

Next week, my camping crew is going to Uleung-Do, a big event that is to feature a side trip to Dok-Do.

This evening, across the street from OK Outdoor, where MtG and I were gearing up for the trip, by coincidence, we encountered Uleung-Do Chamchi, a new chamchi hoe restaurant announcing its grand opening. A woman, who could’ve been the owner or manager or waitress or hawker, stopped us in our tracks and invited us in, promising great things. Most restaurants are eager to please when they first open their doors.  We couldn’t resist.

At KRW 17,000 per person for the standard order, it wasn’t too bad, a respectable start. But to have a truly good meal at such a place requires building a rapport with the sushi chef, who reserves the better cuts for preferred clientele, so a final verdict would be unfair after a single meal.


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