1.257 Tofu with Crab


19 (Sun) September 2010

Tofu with Crab


at Dongcheonhong

-Samseong, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family, Mom and Dad

Dongcheonhong is a Korean-Chinese restaurant.  Somewhere between a neighborhood delivery joint and a fancy hotel joint.  As far as I’m aware, it’s the first such restaurant here to branch out with multiple locations via the franchise model – I’m assuming franchise based on the lack of consistency in the menus, interior design, and food quality from branch to branch.

I have fond memories of the original Dongcheonhong, located in Sinsa-Dong, a block from the post partum recovery center where W had stayed for 2 weeks after giving birth to DJ.  I was on summer break at the time, which meant I didn’t really have to be anywhere, so I was there all day.

In Korea, the new mother isn’t given a choice about her dining options, post partum. Five times a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two “snacks” in between – she is served and expected or otherwise forced to eat, without reservation or fail, miyeok guk.  I once questioned whether such strict adherence to this practice was really necessary, and MIL looked at me with crazy eyes. “Can’t she just take iron pills?” Crazy eyes. “What about mothers in other cultures that don’t have seaweed soup?” Crazy eyes.

Having grown tired of the soup after one meal, I spent a lot of time at Dongcheonhong, often with friends who came to visit. I got through about a third of the menu by the time W was discharged. Good times.

A new location that just opened across from Coex Mall.


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