1.264 Gganpung Gi


26 (Sun) September 2010

Gganpung Gi


at Daraehyeon

-Dongducheon, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with the Family, CBD

On the way home from yesterday’s overnight camping trip (see 1.263 Grilled Spicy-Glazed Chicken Hearts), we stopped by Daraehyeon for late afternoon snack cum early dinner, anything for another round of drinks.

On this second visit, I was disappointed that the jjajang myeon was different from before.  Change of ownership, it turns out.


Gganpung gi s a Chinese dish.  Consists of breading/deep-frying pieces of meat – most commonly chicken (gi), as here – then stir-frying them in sweet-spicy-sour chili-garlic aromatics.  The term derives from the Chinese “ggan = dry” + “pung = heat,” referring to the absence of sauce.  One of the most popular preparations in the Korean-Chinese tradition.  Given the Korean tendency to bastardize foreign foods beyond recognition, I don’t know whether the dish even exists outside of Korea.


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