1.287 Deungsim


19 (Tue) October 2010



at Ilpum Saenggogi

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family

Ilpum Saenggogi is a Korean restaurant.  As the unimaginatively reassuring name of the place would suggest – “first (il) quality (pum) fresh (saeng) meat (gogi)” – it specializes in Korean BBQ.  Pork cuts go for around 10,000 won per 200 grams, 30,000-35,000 won for 200-gram cuts of hanwoo.  The basic deungsim (ribeye) is 32,000 won. Also offers decent Chilean wines at near-wholesale prices.  On the negative, the meat is cooked over gas grills, as opposed to charcoal.  And their side dishes and finishing dishes are kinda sad.

We used to be welcomed regulars, but we had stopped going when DJ got older and began eating people food.  We found Bonga was better suited for feeding a toddler.  As we sat down, neither W nor I could recall the last time that we’d splurged on hanwoo as a family – quick look at GMTD showed that the last time was exactly 173 days ago (see most recently 1.114 Ggot Deungsim), though at a different restaurant. Anyway, it was good to be back.

The deungsim was excellent.


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