1.329 Double Quarter Pounder Cheese


30 (Sat) November 2010

Double Quarter Pounder Cheese


at McDonald’s

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with DJ

A few weeks ago, in my post on the Quarter Pounder Cheese, I noted with enthusiasm that it was beefy and “actually tasted like a real burger,” knowing then with absolute certainty and not a little dread that the Double Quarter Pounder Cheese lay waiting in GMTD’s near future. Never one to protest the inevitable, I ordered one. And ate it. And regretted it. And regretted ordering and eating the fries (but that’s a different issue, McDonald’s french fries’ fall from grace, something I reserve for comment in a subsequent post). The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese exemplifies the adage about too much of a good thing, beefiness in this case. Yes, it turns out that a burger can indeed be too beefy. Ideally, a burger should be a proper balance of bun, beef, cheese, condiments, and fixings, each of which should synergize with the others rather than conflict or overwhelm. But here, there was so much meat that it was all I could taste (which may not necessarily be such a bad thing, if the beef were top quality). At 760 calories a pop, it’s definitely not worth putting on a few extra pounds, or half a pound as the case may be.



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