1.338 Deep-Fried Dofu in Brown Sauce


9 (Thu) December 2010

Deep-Fried Dofu in Brown Sauce


at Dongbuk Hwagwa Wang

-Changshin, Jongro, Seoul, Korea-

with MtG

At my favorite Chinese joint in the city, I had my first less-than-enthusiastic response to a meal, part of which was this dofu dish that had been a consistent crowd pleaser in the past. We also had 3 other dishes, none of which fared much better. Maybe the chef was having an off-night. Maybe the lingering symptoms of my illness from a few days earlier adversely affected my appetite. Maybe it was the absence of alcohol (I’ve been on this sort-of-sober bandwagon for over a month) – seriously, food just doesn’t taste as good without something, even beer, to wash it down with. Or maybe I’ve just grown tired of the place. I’m really hoping it’s not the latter.

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