1.341 Dubu Kimchi


12 (Sun) December 2010

Dubu Kimchi


by me

at home

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with HSK and his fiancée

Modern Bapsang (모던밥상) is a Korean restaurant.  The name “bapsang” literally means “dining table” but refers more figuratively to the spread of food on the table.  Although self-touted as a fusion restaurant, the fare is traditionally Korean, except some of the plating.  The dishes, as well as the overall menu design, are skewed northerly, where food tends to be simpler in preparation, less spicy, relying less on pickling or fermenting or other forms of preserving foods necessitated by the warmer weather down south. It’s the kind of place to take a foreigner on a first visit to a Korean restaurant.  The only drawback is the prices, which seem unreasonably high across the board, such as 15,000 won for a small bowl of ddeok guk.

In contrast to my homemade dubu kimchi, the version here includes pan-fried tofu and pork belly.  


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