2.049 Jeonbok Juk


23 (Wed) February 2011

Jeonbok Juk


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

In the last post on abalone rice porridgeI noted that my home care regime for a sick family member invariably involves this “alimentary panacea” (see 1.187 Jeonbok Juk).  This time, no one is really ill, but my wife got braces (!!) a few days ago, so she can’t really chew anything.  The fact that the dish hasn’t been featured as an official dinner in the past 226 days simply means that I personally haven’t eaten it for dinner during that time, not that the family has enjoyed perfect health for over 7 months, but it’s a pretty good sign.

With respect to presentation, I just discovered the use of oil as an effective garnish. I’d seen professional chefs drizzle olive oil on their finished dishes but never thought about doing it myself. Here, it was sesame oil, which I’d previously mixed into the porridge as the final cooking step just prior to plating.

Similarly, chopped scallions aren’t just a pretty a topping but an essential element to this dish, adding a welcome crunch to an otherwise mushy texture, and brightening and balancing out the heavy flavors.

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