2.054 Mini Burgers


28 (Mon) February 2011

Mini Burgers


at Yaletown

-Sinchon, Seodaemun, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG, CBD

Yaletown is an American pub.  With an owner and staff who speak perfect English, and a constant stream of American sports from the beam projector, the restaurant clearly caters to expats and other English-speaking clientele.

To celebrate my graduation earlier today – you may now call me “Dr Hahm” – friends from the camping crew took me out to to Yaletown, figuring that I would prefer American food and drink over the Korean offerings that we usually have when in the neighborhood.  They were right.  Burgers and Jack Daniel’s.  It was perfect.

The “mini burgers” were quite good, each one containing 50 grams of beef and just the right amount of melted cheddar cheese and “cajun” sauce on perfectly toasted buns.  The only thing lacking was a vegetable, perhaps an onion slice or leaf of lettuce, that would’ve helped cut the extremely rich flavors of the other ingredients.  At 8,900 won for the set, not expensive, though certainly not cheap.

Immediately following the graduation ceremony, we had lunch at The Kimchi Jjigae; I returned later in the evening.

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