2.074 Smoked Salmon on a Garden Salad in Caesar-Tapatio Dressing


20 (Sun) March 2011

Smoked Salmon on a Garden Salad in Caesar-Tapatio Dressing


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w W and DJ

Recently, my fat ass not only hampers the joy in camping but also grows bigger because of it.  It starts at home as I’m getting dressed, as I’m squeezing my lard log legs into the stretchy hiking pants that I wear for outdoor activities and feeling the strain.  At the campsite, I can barely manage the outdoor activity of bending over to pound tent pegs into the ground.  Once complete, I settle into a chair and stuff my double-chinned face with food and drink and cigarettes for the next several hours.  I wake up the next morning, actually just a few hours later, all bloated and hung-over.  Even crawling into and out of my tent has become embarrassingly ungraceful.  It’s disgusting.

So, I’m putting myself on a diet.  I don’t really anticipate much of a visible cut-back in my dinners – diet or no, food should look and taste good.  I still used salad dressing this evening, even though the ass could go without.  However, I will reduce the actual amounts that I eat for every meal.  Mostly, the diet will mean no alcohol for awhile, which eliminates both the empty calories from the booze itself and, more important, the food that inevitably accompanies the booze, often late at night just prior to bed.  I did something similar last year, strictly no alcohol from around mid-November to mid-December, and I lost about 6 kg.  And yes, I’m well aware of the dangers in weight yo-yo-ing.

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