2.095 Grilled Skirt


10 (Sun) April 2011

Grilled Skirt


by MIL

at their home

-Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w W and DJ, the In-Laws

Anchangsal (안창살) is beef skirt.

It’s my favorite cut for tabletop Korean BBQ.  Without being overly marbled, it packs more flavor than most other cuts.  The fibrous texture of the skirt, which can be somewhat tough to manage in larger form, gives just enough chew when pre-cut against the grain into smaller pieces.  A major drawback is that each animal yields relatively little skirt meat, thus making it more difficult to find and expensive when found.

I realized this evening that I can get through or maybe even enjoy a meal cooked by MIL if it doesn’t involve sauce or seasonings, hers being too intense for my delicate palate.  Tonight was the first time ever that she hadn’t gone out of her way to make a “dish” of some sort, opting instead to grill unmarinated beef.  She kept encouraging me to eat more of her kimchi, not an easy proposition for me, but I was otherwise happy with the plain beef, dipped in salt and wrapped in fresh lettuce.  I may have to insist that she continue to take it easy in the kitchen and keep things simple from here on out.  A win-win situation, if there ever was one.

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