2.132 Hobak Jeon with Soy-Sambal Sauce


17 (Tue) May 2011

Hobak Jeon with Soy-Sambal Sauce


by Nanny 2

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Hobak jeon is a Korean dish.  A type of jeon made with ae-hobak (애호박), a green squash similar to zucchini but a lighter in flavor and sweeter, perhaps more pumpkin-like in flavor. 

The soy-sambal dressing is not strictly traditional, but works.

I’m extremely picky about how my hobak jeon is prepared. The thickness of the pieces and the cooking time have to be precise to produce the proper crisp and taste in each bite. Too thin or overcooked, the squash is limp, texturally lifeless, not worthy of my attention. Too thick or undercooked, the squash is bitter, inedible.

Nanny got it just right. Worthy of my attention, indeed.

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