2.200 Deulbab


24 (Sun) July 2011



at Deulbab

-Icheon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, MtG (plus GF), CBD, KJA and family

Deulbap (들밥) is a type of Korean spread.  The name means “field (deul) rice (bab)” in reference to the meal that the farmer’s wife of yore would arrange on a tray and bring to her husband for lunch in the field while he was working.  In modern terms, the interpretation of deulbab is any baekban spread comprising rice and soup and banchan, so long as the ingredients are kept simple and humble.

The sign depicts a farmer’s wife with a tray carried on her head, the old-school way.

Deulbab (들밥) is a Korean restaurant.   Located on a farm in the heart Icheon (이천), a region famed for its rice.  Specializes in a single dish: their eponymous deulbab.

The rice was served in those cheap tin bowls that Korean restaurateurs like to use when they want a vibe of retro shabby chic

The bab itself, presumably from Icheon, with bits of barley.

The deulbab was excellent.  The side dishes – 12 in all, plus doenjang jjigae and lettuce wraps – were chosen with great care to balance tastes and textures, even while keeping everything simple and humble.  Similar to the components for bibimbab, but served separately, not directly in the bowl, thereby allowing each diner to mix and match according to personal preference.  Most important, the items were prepared and seasoned to perfection.  7,000 per person.  A bit pricey for what it’s supposed to be, but well worth it.

Earlier in the day, after we had packed up at the campsite (see 2.199 Monkfish Karaage), we ate lunch at a restaurant on the grounds of a defunct temple – the name now escapes me.

Both for the venue and the food, I very nearly went with lunch as the featured item for today’s post but ultimately did dinner, which was also noteworthy in venue and food.

The solitary menu item was sashimi-style songeo (송어), a type of rainbow trout, served with various vegetables and dipping sauces, all of which could optionally be mixed together in a bowl.  Very intriguing.

Looked like salmon, but far leaner in flavor.
Similar to hoe deopbab.

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