2.218 Chicken Cone Pizza


11 (Thu) August 2011

Chicken Cone Pizza


at Peak Island

-Daegwalnyeong, Pyeongchang, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with DJ

Spending a couple days at Yongpyeong Resort.

We ate better things for dinner, but this post highlights a snack that DJ and I had during the afternoon: a so-called “cone pizza” available at a snack shop situated inside one of the pools, allowing customers to wade up to the counter and order and eat in the water.

The item was ill-conceived and horribly executed.  With 4 varieties to choose from, I chose bulgogi (불고기) – their best seller, apparently – if only to maximize the silliness of it all.  In a cone that looked like and tasted not unlike an actual ice cream cone, the top half of the filling was a combination of cheese, meat, and vegetables, including corn (of course), no sauce discernible, while the lower half was nothing but mashed sweet potato (of course).  Simultaneously crumbly and mushy in texture.  Simultaneously bland and gross in flavor.  As a human being, I am so ashamed that fellow human beings created something like this.  As a father, I am ashamed that I bought one and fed it to my child.

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