2.276 Tuna Sashimi


8 (Sat) October 2011

Tuna Sashimi


from E-Mart

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with LJY

In keeping with yesterday’s theme (see 2.275 Grilled Garlic-Pepper Shrimp), the eating on this trip was odd.

While I was still asleep earlier in the morning, the two moms had marshaled their cooking skills to produce a pot of instant noodles for the kids.  When I got up around 10:00 to find everyone starving, we left the gear behind, as well as the breakfast items that I’d packed but wasn’t in a condition to prepare at that point, and hopped in the car and drove a few kilometers to a restaurant and ate brunch – the first time that I’ve ever left a live campsite in search of food elsewhere.


Fast-forward to about 15:00, having packed up the gear and departed for home, we stopped along the way at a road-side Chinese restaurant advertising hand-made noodles for a mid-afternoon snack.

As with many restaurants in Korea, the house specialty is the main feature on the signage, rather than the name of the place: Bongjuru (봉주루), presumably a pun on “bonjour.”

The suta-son haemul jjambbong was good, even though it wasn’t what I had ordered.  It was more about the hand-made noodles than the seafood toppings.

Suta-Son Haemul Jjambbong (3.5)


Later, we were too tired to go out for a proper dinner, and LJY wanted to do some last minute shopping before leaving the next day, so we went to E-Mart, where we also picked up a collection of random ready-to-go goodies on last-minute-sale, which we brought back to the apartment and ate sometime around 23:00.

Yangjangpi (2.0)
Soju slushies!

The whole day of food was unplanned and unconventional.  In retrospect, however, it was perhaps more fun that way.


Still talking in gibberish to each other.

The next day, DJ and I accompanied LJY and B to the City Air Terminal for their flight back to the States. Language barriers notwithstanding, the two kids ultimately got along quite well.  Now if only his dad and her mom could be so civil towards each other, then the world would be such a happier place.  Anyway, we look forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully in LA

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