2.290 Daechang


22 (Sat) October 2011



at Obaltan

-Nonhyeon, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, the In-Laws

Obaltan (오발탄) is a Korean chain restaurant.  18 locations in Korea, 1 in Chine.  Specializes in various cow intestines, grilled at the table.  The name of the place, surely ironic on purpose, means “misfired round.”

This is the Nonhyeon-dong branch.

Daechang (대창) is the cow’s large intestine.

At Obaltan, it came marinated in a delicate spicy/sweet soy sauce.  Grilled over live coals, the tubes rendered down to about half the original size, leaving a chewy casing that bursts open with fat.  And nary a trace of the stink associated with other types of intestine.  Absolute perfection.  At 27,000 won (plus 10% tax) for a 180-gram serving – more like 90 grams in the end – the dish is extremely expensive, but well worth it.

The fat dripping over the coals creates a crazy amount of smoke, which is sucked up by a powerful vacuum hovering over the table.
In addition to other side dishes, this salad in a tangy-spicy dressing provided a refreshing counterpoint to the overwhelmingly heaviness of the daechang.
The cooked tubes are cut into bite-sized pieces.

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