2.297 Steamed Mandu


29 (Sat) October 2011

Steamed Mandu


by CBD

at Hakampo Campgrounds

-Taean, Chungcheongnam, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, MtG + gf, CBD

Hakampo Camping (Day 1 of 2)

Once upon a time, the camping crew had gone together like frama lama ka ding ka da ding da dong, but the gatherings have become gradually less frequent.  This was the first occasion in over 3 months that all 7 of us had come out.

The location was one of those “auto camping” parks that I really despise.  Organized on a measured grid with alphanumeric designations, each site consisted of a bricked-paved space for the car and a grassy patch of land for the tent, along with an electric socket.  On the upside, the restroom and sink facilities were immaculate.  And it was within walking distance of the beach.  But really, it was just camping in a parking lot – in fact, we were literally in the parking lot adjacent to the main grounds because someone (MtG) had failed to secure a reservation and didn’t tell us, hoping that we’d be able to squeeze in on a last-minute cancellation.

Recently, I can’t seem to avoid mandu.

Earlier in the day, YYH suddenly busted out the ingredients for mandu and put everyone to work.  I declined to participate.

By lunchtime, they had made several thousand.

We ate them for lunch, and dinner, and at night, and for breakfast the next day, and we still had piles remaining.

Maybe it was my less-than-overwhelmingly-joyous attitude throughout the process – saying snarky comments like, “Are we going to trade these to the fishermen for something good?” – I didn’t receive any of the leftovers from YYH when we parted company, while the other families did (except for MtG and his girlfriend, but that’s another thing altogether).

Anyway, the mandu were very good.

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