2.337 Tandoori Shrimp


8 (Thu) December 2011

Tandoori Shrimp


at Agra

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

This dish was the biggest rip-off that I’ve ever experienced at an Indian restaurant.  Initially, the sheer volume of orange slop on the platter appeared sufficiently large to justify the price of 25,000 won (plus 10% VAT, of course).  We soon realized, however, that the dish contained a grand total of 8 measly shrimp buried in a swamp of gooey onions.  Though a bit too buttery, certainly not what I was anticipating from something in the tandoori section of the menu, the shrimp were tasty enough that DJ wanted more.  The manager offered to provide 8 additional shrimp for an additional 18,000 won.  “Shrimp is wery wery expensive,” he said.  We declined.

This place is hereby BANNED.

Pickled cucumbers and onions, a proprietary side dish served by this particular establishment.

I take some solace in that the cost of the meal will be reimbursed by my employer.  Part of my compensation package includes discretionary funds that I can tap for certain expenses, such as meals. Having been rather careless with my receipts during the past year, I have nearly 2 million won that I need to write off by the end of December.  A limited-time spending spree under the watchful eye of the accounting department, which will deny any claim involving booze, is not much fun.  Here’s 79,000 won down the drain.

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