2.357 Churrasco


28 (Wed) December 2011


at Carne do Brasil

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


My Birthday (39) (see also MY BIRTHDAY)

Churrasco is Brazilian barbecue.  The term, both in Portuguese and Spanish, refers generally to grilled meat.  At rodizio-style churrasco restaurants (churrasqueria), customers pay a fixed price and sit at their tables while roving servers bring various skewers of grilled meat and slice pieces directly onto customers’ plates – all-u-can-eat.  Meats typically comprise cuts of beef, including beef organs, but also may include pork, chicken, lamb, sausages.

Picanha (3.0): the only item worth seconds, and thirds.

When churrasco first began to appear in Korea sometime during the early 2000s, the types of meats were varied, but now, however, sadly, most establishments have done away with all but the beef and maybe sausage.

Free refills on complimentary/complementary side dishes: salsa (“pimenta”), pickles, cabbage salad, fried rice, chili sauce (“vinagrate”), potato salad.

This place was no exception. 4 types of beef + 1 pork sausage.  Side dishes.  Roast pineapple and espresso for dessert.  32,000 won + 10% VAT.  It wasn’t all that bad.  But if I’m just going to be eating beef, I’d rather spend the same amount of money on a good steak.

Alcatra (2.0): tough.
Brochette de File (2.0): dry.
Contrafile (2.5): a bit too garlicky, obviously.
Linguica (3.0): looked like a severed finger/penis.

The meal was, ostensibly, in celebration of my birthday.  Afterwards, we went to KIT’s restaurant to share a bottle of Glenfiddich and fried SPAM, which everyone seemed to enjoy more than the churrasco.

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