3.007 Nokdu Bindae Jeon


12 (Thu) January 2012

Nokdu Bindae Jeon


at Seolmaene

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, LJY

Previously, I noted that the name of this dish varies due to certain controversies concerning etymology (see 1.112 Bindae Ddeok).  This restaurant takes a compromise position both by referring to the more technically precise descriptors: “nokdu” (녹두) and “jeon” (전), while paying homage to the traditional term “bindae” (빈대).

LJY, the blog’s Number One Fan, is back in town!  While I always look forward to seeing her, as she is also one of my best friends, her visits here stress me out to no end because I feel the pressure of having to live up to the opinions that I’ve stated on these pages.  For example, in response to a description of this dish at this restaurant in a prior post (see 2.248 Mandu Jeongol), she had commented: “18,000 won seems like a lot for bin dae dduk even if it’s really good….”  In reply, I wrote: “…I didn’t feel that these were very expensive, especially since they’re so good.”  Upon tasting them herself this evening, she declared that they weren’t worth it.  Oh well.

In my defense, let me be clear that the nokdu bindae jeon here aren’t spectacularly amazing. The taste rates a solid 3.0, then and now.  On other occasions, I would’ve given them additional points in recognition of how they’re usually prepared: extra thick with super crispy crusts. This time, however, for whatever reason, the crusts seemed less than super crispy–hence 3.0.  Even W noted that something seemed off this evening.  As for whether they’re “worth” the price of 18,000 won, I acknowledge that it’s a bit steep for jeon; taste and texture aside, the order comes with 2 pancakes (the photo shows 1), and they’re thick, so at least the amount is reasonable.

To make matters easier for everyone (me), I’m considering never to take LJY anywhere or to cook her anything that’s been covered on the blog.

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