3.021 Sundubu


26 (Thu) January 2012



at Giwajib

-Seocho, Seocho, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, K family, S family

Giwajib (기와집) is a Korean restaurant. Specializes in tofu.

The restaurant was a classic example of the Ajeossi Bellwether Standard; we were the only group that included women, children, and men under the age of 45.

For 18,000 won per person, the dinner set menu featured 7 dishes, including firm tofu with sautéed kimchi, soft tofu in a shrimp-stock soup, and the restaurant’s signature silky tofu (sundubu) straight up in its own cooking water as the final course, along with other non-tofu items, as well as rice and the standard side dishes.  I love tofu of all kinds but found the silky tofu, as good as it was, to be a bit too subtle for my liking.  But overall, the meal was characterized by quality grub, no frills, great value.

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