3.039 Hanwoo Lady Burger


13 (Mon) February 2012

Hanwoo Lady Burger


at Lotteria

(Yongpyong Resort)

-Daegwalnyeong, Pyeongchang, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Holiday in Gangwon (Day 3 of 4)

The plan:  Hitch a ride to Gangneung, with W and the kid, on the bus chartered by the camping crew (who will go on to hike and camp out on a nearby mountain – my bum knee prevents me to join them).  Hang out on the beach (Saturday).  Regroup with the camping crew for dinner (Sunday), and take a shuttle to Yongpyong (while the crew returns to Seoul in their bus).  Play in the snow for a couple days (Monday and Tuesday), and take a public bus back to Seoul.  Back in the day, I would’ve called that “a plan and a half.”

Staying at Yongpyong Resort without a car, the food court was as far as we were willing to go.

Lotteria is an American-style fast food restaurant chain.  Founded 1972 in Japan, followed by a Korean location in 1979, with branches now across Asia.  Operated by the Lotte Corporation – the name is a portmanteau of “Lotte + cafeteria” – a Korean conglomerate that started as a confectionary company in Japan.  Specializes in traditional burgers and fries, as well as fusion items, like the signature Shrimp Burger.

After dinner, DJ had his first noraebang (karaoke) experience, where his first requested song was “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘N Roses (the song is featured in Megamind).

The Hanwoo Lady Burger is Lottteria Korea’s latest item.  Features a patty that’s a combination of ground Korean beef (hanwoo) and bits of rice cake- that’s right, rice cake.  The official website refers to the concept as “fun.”

I thought it was weird.  The texture of the patty was disconcertingly crumbly-chewy.  Also came with a slice of bell pepper.  I don’t know if the name is supposed to imply that the item is a chick thing, or that the beef was sourced from a female cow.  4,600 won.

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