3.038 Hoe


12 (Sun) February 2012



at Pado Hoejib

-Gangneung, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Holiday in Gangwon (Day 2 of 4)

The plan:  Hitch a ride to Gangneung, with W and the kid, on the bus chartered by the camping crew (who will go on to hike and camp out on a nearby mountain – my bum knee prevents me to join them).  Hang out on the beach (Saturday).  Regroup with the camping crew for dinner (Sunday), and take a shuttle to Yongpyong (while the crew returns to Seoul in their bus).  Play in the snow for a couple days (Monday and Tuesday), and take a public bus back to Seoul.  Back in the day, I would’ve called that “a plan and a half.”

The food was fine.  But it was one of those overpriced multi-course extravaganzas, featuring a whole bunch of appetizers and side dishes prior to the main event, that always leave me wishing that they’d serve a bit less and charge a bit less. Here, the main event was hoe of two kinds: blowfish (복) (bok) and ridged-eye flounder (도다리) (dodari).  The blowfish was especially nice, delicately sweet and pleasantly chewy.  One combined platter (as shown in the photo), intended to serve about 3-4 people, cost 150,000 won.  I could’ve done without all the other crap, if they’d reduce the price by even 10,000 won.

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