3.072 Tunafish Canapés


17 (Sat) March 2012

Tunafish Canapés


by CSW

at Camping Rock

-Pocheon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with DJ, MtG + NSJ, AHY + KIT + J, CJH + KKH, HCY + HSE, YYH + LHS

We gathered to celebrate LHS’s birthday – camping, of course, as we had last year (see 2.073 Pork Jabchae).

It was the first outing in nearly 4 months, since the beach trip back in November (see 2.318 Pan-Fried Smoked Duck), that I’d managed to schedule a trip with the crew.  During that time, when I was unable to join them on several occasions due to certain priorities – like, say, a family and a job that I care about – I would feel tinges of envy upon seeing photos of their exploits, but, then again, took great comfort and pride in the fact that I have a family and a job that I care about.  Could this be a sign of maturity?

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