3.107 Sundubu with Spicy Soy Sauce


21 (Sat) April 2012

Sundubu with Spicy Soy Sauce


by YI

at his home

-Nonhyeon, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG, CJH + KKH, LHS + YYH, YI

We were all invited to dinner at the home of YI, a semi-regular member of our camping crew.  I mentioned him in a prior post, covering the phenomenal steak that he’d made, as one who “enjoys a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption (see 3.086 Pan-Seared Ribeye with Wild Porcini Salt).  The last time that he’d had people over, an occasion that I couldn’t attend, he’d busted out a 5,000-year-old special edition Glenfiddich single malt costing 4 trillion won – to this day, whenever whisky is on the table, the mind-blowing experience of tasting that once-in-a-lifetime whisky is inevitably brought up and how everyone was thinking about me at the time, knowing how much I love malts, but fortunately my absence left more for those present.  I wasn’t about to miss out again.

Alas, I had to leave early.  The host had prepared sukiyaki for the main course, but, by 9:30 PM, when I could stay no longer, we’d only gotten through a few appetizers, as well as the stuff that each of the guests had brought potluck style.  The booze was flowing slowly, just beer and wine, no hard stuff anywhere in sight.  As far as I know, it remained a mellow evening.  Maybe next time.

Incidentally, this tofu was awesome.  YI had purchased it at the Sinsaegae Department Store in Gangnam, which has become the destination of choice for premium food shopping.  The tofu, without any additional seasonings, was one of the best that I’ve ever had: simultaneously creamy and lean, soft yet substantial.  I should buy some for myself and try it at home.

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