3.108 Kentucky


22 (Sun) April 2012



from Dusi Kentucky Chicken

at Hosan Postpartum Recovery Center

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Again (see most recently 3.093 Kentucky).  Alas, having the chicken for a second time in as many weeks, I was less impressed.  I still maintain that it’s excellent, one of the best that I’ve had, in years, maybe ever.  But it just didn’t deliver the bam upon repeat.

A weird thing about the chicken from Dusi, which I’d noticed in the previous batch and confirmed tonight, is that it came with 3 leg/thigh quarters and 4 wing/drumette sections.  The breasts, while cut into smaller pieces, appeared to be present.  So, it seemed to be a whole bird plus a leg/thigh and a pair of wing/drumettes.  I’m not complaining, but it’s kinda odd.

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