3.122 Grilled Shrimp in Mario’s Kick-Ass Barbecue Sauce


6 (Sun) May 2012

Grilled Shrimp in Mario’s Kick-Ass Barbecue Sauce


by me

at my uncle’s cabin

-Changchon, Seowon, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with DJ, K family, S family, JO family

To avoid traffic and crowds – both expected to be threefold over the (i) Children’s Day (ii) best-weather-yet-this-year (iii) weekend – we did a daytrip on a Sunday to my uncle’s cabin, while ours is still undergoing construction.   The gathering consisted of two families from Dominic’s previous daycare, plus my friend Jay and his family. By all accounts, everyone had a great time.

As usual, I prepared all the food.  It was pretty standard, most of my go-tos.  The one new thing was this Mario’s Kick-Ass Barbecue Sauce from Mario Batali’s book Italian Grill.  Good stuff. This summer, I plan to attempt many of the recipes in the book.  I’ll share the sauce recipe in tomorrow’s post.

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