3.125 Seafood Plate


9 (Wed) May 2012

Seafood Plate


at Zelen

-Hannam, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, Mom + Dad

Despite the bold proclamation of being “my new favorite restaurant” when I first encountered this Bulgarian establishment last December, I haven’t been back since. Not that I haven’t wanted to, just never got around to it.

It was an ideal choice for Parents’ Day, which was yesterday here in Korea.  Just superficially fancy enough to make the occasion feel a bit special.  And my parents like the food here, especially my father, maybe more than I do.

Our favorite dish by clear consensus, every time, is the Seafood Plate.  It’s a huge bowl brimming with mussels and squid and shrimp in a garlicky tomato broth.   On all three occasions, we’ve finished every last drop, sopping up the intensely flavored goop in the bottom of the bowl with bread and wishing that the kitchen had pasta to offer.  Admittedly, the photo doesn’t do it much justice, but it’s pretty impressive in person.

I found the Stuffed Calamari to be just so-so …
… maybe I’d overloaded on cephalopods from yesterday’s octopus extravaganza, or maybe the tomato-based sauce of this risotto dish was too similar to that of the Seafood Plate.

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