3.151 Variety Sushi Roll B

Cycle 3 – Item 151

4 (Mon) June 2012

Variety Sushi Roll B


at Costco

-Yangjae, Seocho, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Another ready-to-go meal from Costco, a combination of three sushi rolls: California (decent), tonkatsu (mediocre), salmon (awful).  The only saving grace was the packet of conveniently premixed wasabi and soy sauce, which gratefully made everything taste like wasabi and soy sauce.  At least it was pretty cheap at 10,490 won for the pack.

Analyzing this reckless insistence on trying stuff that I know will be crappy – by contrast, I can’t imagine going to a restaurant that’s disappointed me more than twice – I’ve concluded that it’s the result of two factors.  First, the store makes me really hungry, and I’m aware of the danger in food shopping when hungry, especially at Costco, so I have to eat something.  Second, many of the items offered aren’t available anywhere else in Korea (see for example 2.202 Cilantro-Lime Shrimp Salad), perhaps not even in Costco branches overseas (see for example 2.189 Chicken Caesar Wraps), which makes me curious despite myself (see for example 2.090 Smoked Salmon High Rollers).

This won’t be the last time.



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