3.170 Taste of Africa: Piri-Piri Sauce

Cycle 3 – Item 170

23 (Sat) June 2012

Taste of Africa: Piri-Piri Sauce


at McDonald’s


-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, MIL

In connection with the upcoming 2012 London Summer Olympics, McDonald’s Korea has cooked up a new promotion featuring items based on or inspired by or having absolutely nothing to do with 5 continents.

    1. Taste of Africa: Piri-Piri Sauce (3.170 Taste of Africa: Piri-Piri Sauce)
    2. Taste of Europe: Pomodoro Chicken Burger (3.173 Taste of Europe: Pomodoro Chicken Burger)
    3. Taste of Australia: Barbecue Burger (3.188 Taste of Australia: BBQ Burger)
    4. Taste of Asia: Shake Shake Chili Fries (3.188 Taste of Asia: Shake Shake Fries)
    5. Taste of United States: Deluxe Brunch and Bacon Tomato McMuffin

United States gets 2 items because it’s a continent, the most important one.

South America and Antarctica don’t get items because they not continents.

Hoping eventually to cover them all in individual posts, I’ll begin with the Taste of Africa.  Rather than an item per se, Piri-Piri Sauce comes with an order of Chicken McNuggets as an option in lieu of the standard sauces.

Piri Piri is a hot sauce.  It was first produced by Portuguese traders in Souther Africa using the piri-piri (also peri-peri) chili.  In Europe, the term is now broadly applied to any hot sauce associated with Africa, however bogus or tenuous the connection may be.

The McDonald’s piri-piri sauce is good, even though I have no frame of reference.  The ingredients consist primarily of tomato paste, red chilies, and vinegar, according to the label on the little tub.  It was predictably sweet and sour but surprisingly spicy – a fine condiment for deep-fried food, like Chicken McNuggets.  If only McDonald’s had simply presented it as a hot sauce, without the bullshit marketing, it could’ve been a winner in its own right.



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