3.250 Tuna Sashimi Set

Cycle 3 – Item 250

11 (Tue) September 2012

Tuna Sashimi Set


at Chamchi Agassi

-Pangyo, Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with KHJ, PHY

Though the main item here was tuna sashimi, the meal overall was a bit different than other multi-course tuna sashimi meals (see generally 2.015 Tuna Sashimi).  One difference was that the tuna wasn’t all-u-can-eat, just one platter, which was enough for the three of us.  Instead, the side dishes were somewhat more varied and inventive, as shown in the photos below.  Also, perhaps in an attempt to up the sophistication level even further, the server explained that the high quality of the tuna made it better dipped simply in soy sauce and wasabi, rather than the typical sesame oil + dried laver wrap, though she did offer to serve the seaweed packs “if absolutely necessary.”  Anyway, it was a pretty good deal at 29,000 won per person, courtesy of some social commerce coupon that KHJ had scored.



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