3.261 Pan-Fried Buchu-Egg Mandu

Cycle 3 – Item 261

22 (Sat) September 2012

Pan-Fried Buchu-Egg Mandu


by Nanny 8

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Weekend Hall Pass: Day 2 of 3

W and DJ are away for the weekend.  Woohoo!  But because IZ was left behind at home with the nanny, I can’t stray too far from the immediate area.  But within a limited geographic area, I can do whatever I want for 3 days.  Woohoo!

The plan had been to hang out with KKH and CJH, two close friends from the camping crew who live in the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, come dinnertime, KKH was suddenly called into work on an emergency, while CJH was still wallowing in a hangover from the night before.  Crap.  So I just stayed home by myself (and the baby) (and the nanny).

Our nanny took it upon herself to make mandu.  First, she went through the trouble of preparing the dough and rolling out the skins individually by hand.  Of course, hand-made skins are much thicker, denser, chewier, and rougher, and therefore much more interesting in texture than the thin, plasticky, smooth and slippery skins mass-produced in a factory.  Then, she filled the skins with a stuffing of just buchu and scrambled eggs seasoned lightly in salt and pepper.  She claimed the recipe to be Chinese.  Unlike mandu here in Korea, she explained, which contain meat and tofu and onions and garlic and noodles and all sorts of ingredients, Chinese mandu are less complicated and yet just as good or even better.  I didn’t feel like arguing the point, so I just nodded and ate the mandu.  And surprisingly, they were good, pan-fried to give them some additional texture (my idea), though ultimately a bit too simple for my taste.  But certainly a welcome departure from the standard Korean stuff.



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