3.262 Pork Bellies Braised in Soy-Garlic Sauce

Cycle 3 – Item 262

23 (Sun) September 2012

Pork Bellies Braised in Soy-Garlic Sauce


by Nanny 8

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the In-Laws

Weekend Hall Pass: Day 3 of 3

W and DJ are away for the weekend.  Woohoo!  But because IZ was left behind at home with the nanny, I can’t stray too far from the immediate area.  But within a limited geographic area, I can do whatever I want for 3 days.  Woohoo!

My hopes of spending a blissfully quiet evening home alone were shattered upon the sudden appearance of the In-Laws.  I stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower, and, when I emerged a few minutes later, towel around my waist – BAM! -they were just sitting there on the sofa watching TV, like they’d been there all day.  I nearly dropped the towel.  Maybe I should’ve.  They’d come by to see the baby, who was sleeping in his room.  But seeing that I’d otherwise be eating by myself, they decided to keep me company for dinner.  It was the opposite of spending a blissfully quiet evening home alone.  Boo.  Hoo.

Nanny 8 was apparently encouraged by my positive reaction to her cooking yesterday.  Saying that she had to run some errands, she left the apartment for half an hour and returned with a bag full of groceries, including a chunk of pork belly that she promised to transform into something extra special, especially for our special guests.  She even insisted on using one of my “fancy” plates so that it would look better in the photo.  It was pretty good.  The special guests seemed to enjoy it, too.



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