3.339 Nepali Mutton Set

Cycle 3 – Item 339

9 (Sun) December 2012

Mutton Set


at Everest

-Changsin, Jongro, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Project 30/30/30: 39 of 45 (see also 45/45/45)

Throughout the past November, I challenged myself to eat 30 dishes from 30 countries over the course of 30 consecutive days – and succeeded.  I will continue the project until I run out of dishes or countries or restaurants or steam or money, aiming for 50.

Nepal is the 39th country.

Everest is a Nepali restaurant.   The food, if it had to be attributed to any country, would predominantly be characterized as “Indian.”

By “themed,” I’m talking about the interior design elements–a lot of kitsch from Kathmandu.

When I asked the owner about something more distinctively Nepali, he seemed almost apologetic in describing Nepal as a small country strongly influenced in terms of cuisine by its bigger neighbor India. 

Fortunately, a back page of the menu featured 3 Nepali set meals: mutton, chicken, vegetarian. 

As far as I’m aware, Nepal has the only flag that isn’t rectangular – which is totally cool.

The mutton set was pretty good.  It came with 10 items.  On a small thali platter: (i) steamed rice (blah), unfortunately the local medium grain, not the longer grain common to South Asia, like basmati; (ii) lentil soup (okay), which was vaguely reminiscent of nurungji tang; (iii) a masala-style mutton curry (nice); (iv) potatoes, tossed lightly in a spicy curry (very nice); and (v) a hot sauce (very nice).  The owner suggested combining all 5 components on the platter so that each bite had a bit of everything.  Separately, the set also came with: (vi) pickled radish, the yellow kind found in cheap Chinese or Japanese restaurants here, only mixed with curry spices to make an intriguing side dish, just perfect for Korean customers; (vii) yogurt dipping sauce; (viii) sesame papadum; (ix) sliced carrots; and (x) sliced cucumbers.  An unbeatable bargain at 10,000 won, proving that Everest remains the best bang-for-buck India/Nepali/South Asian restaurants in the city.



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