3.365 Beef Pho

Cycle 3 – Item 365

4 (Fri) January 2013

Beef Pho


at Saigon Grill

-Hannam, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

With W and DJ

Saigon Grill is a Vietnamese(ish) restaurant.  It’s located amidst the ever-growing/always-changing cluster of restaurants near the Hannam intersection.

The food was okay.  For starters, the pho was a bit better than the one at the neighboring Good Morning Vietnam – by “better,” I mean that Saigon Grill’s broth wasn’t as weird.  However, the prices were also much higher at Little Saigon, 9,500 won for the basic beef, compared to 8,000 won at Good Morning Vietnam.  The shrimp fried rice was made with jasmine rice – a rarity in Korea – and properly tossed over high heat in a wok, providing both fragrant and smoky flavors.  But again, the price of 12,000 won seemed somewhat steep.  I’d definitely go back, in lieu of the other place, if I didn’t have to pay.

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