4.101 Palbochae

Cycle 4 – Item 101

16 (Tue) April 2013




in LJY’s room

(Fraser Place)

  • -Sunhwa, Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with LJY and her mother

Number One Fan LJY is in town, family in tow!

Located right behind Fraser Place

Manliseong is a Chinese restaurant. Typical Korean-Chinese menu.

Hands down, no contest, without question, I’ve never seen a place so obsessed with itself.  Every square inch of the walls, including the ceilings and the exterior, is covered in autographed head shots of celebrities, snap shots of the owner with celebrities, screen captures of television programs featuring the restaurant, blow ups of newspapers/magazines/blogs reviewing the restaurant, etc.  As a promotional tool, the sheer scale and gaudiness of the spectacle seems to works on suckers like me.

Unfortunately, it was just hype, judging by the dishes that we had.  Everything was okay though certainly not worthy of fame.  Granted, the food had gotten a bit cold by the time that we got to it, and we’d asked them to make adjustments, such as toning down the spice level of the palbochae, but I couldn’t imagine that any of the dishes would be that much better in its standard form.  At least the experience was interesting.



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